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Understanding Freelance Contracts

  • 17 Mar 2022
  • 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Online
  • 151


  • Promotional Offer for CBC Freelancers at the Canadian Media Guild.
  • This nominal fee will help fund future workshops and webinars aimed at your professional development.
  • This nominal fee will help fund future workshops and webinars aimed at your professional development.
  • Promotional Offer for our friends at the Society of American Travel Writers (Canada)

Understanding Freelance Contracts

(Part of the CFG's 'Business of Freelancing' Series)

This panel will explain common freelance contract clauses and terminology, including the most dangerous clauses freelancers are often asked to agree to when it comes to indemnity and liability. Our panelists will also discuss how to make counteroffers and negotiation tips on language and payment. 

Our Panelists: 

As a creative entrepreneur and organization co-founder, Tracey Arial has thirty years of experience dealing with contracts. 



Don Genova is the CFG's organizer and former president of CMG Freelance, where he negotiated contracts with the CBC along with his freelance writing and broadcasting outside of the Corporation. He currently is the Guild's chief advice-giver when it comes to reviewing contracts for members. 

Alison Motluk has been a freelance journalist for over 20 years. Her work has appeared in The Economist, The Walrus, Maisonneuve, Toronto Life, The Local, Nature, The Globe and Mail, New Scientist, Quirks and Quarks, TheCurrent, The Sunday Edition, IDEAS, and others. She always reads her contracts very carefully.

Online: Thursday, March 17th

7pm-8pm Eastern Time

$5 for members

$15 for non-members 

(CMG Freelance and SATW-Canada members should already have a promo code for free admission, email Don to request one if you don't) 

This session is structured with lots of room for questions, and your chances of getting them answered are increased if you send them to CFG Organizer Don Genova  in advance. We won't be able to get very specific with individual cases but we'll do our best to provide solid general advice)

Please feel free to share this invitation with non-member friends and colleagues. 

The link to the Zoom webinar will be sent to you via email about an hour before the start time. Please check your spam or junk folders if you can't find the email, and contact organizer@canadianfreelanceguild.ca if you haven't received the link 10 minutes before the scheduled start time. 

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