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George Butters


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Nova Scotia
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ChatGPT-4 AI training, digital transformation consulting, remote meeting and webinar production (Zoom), data analytics and data-driven website design - development - management - hosting, video production, live streaming video, network television, radio, cyber security, audio and video editing and production, still photography cannabis culture
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Digital Transformation Specialist with 20+ years of experience

I'm a digital transformation expert who has been living and working online for over 20 years. Now offering 2-hour practical ChatGPT workshops to help new users understand the pros, cons, rewards and threats of using AI for small business.

I am fascinated by the growth of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and am constantly exploring how these new tools can help rather than disrupt media freelancers.

I have a high level of expertise in Zoom meeting/webinar production including annual general meetings and TEDX talks, and a proven track record of overseeing several hundred website development projects for clients of all sizes.

I helped lead the merger and digital transformation of the Professional Writers Association of Canada (PWAC) and the CMG-Freelance Branch into the Canadian Freelance Guild (CFG), where I was elected as the first President.

Since the summer of 2022, I also led the CFG’s transformation from one-person management to a team-base contractor operation.

I have extensive board experience in the financial services and community services sector, and am also a long-time member of the High Technology Crime Investigation Association (Atlantic Canada Chapter).

"A jack of all trades and a master none,
Is often times better than a master of one."
A very mixed bag - university math, cybersecurity, digital transformation, business management, and the trades (welding and heavy equipment operator).

Living on a boat for weeks a time…what a great way to learn to become more organized so you don’t kill yourself.
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George Butters#6061
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A blog with useful technical tips, including cybersecurity.
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